Funding Opportunities

Here we provide a list of funding opportunities, categorized to help our faculty in finding the best opportunity given their skill sets. As a first approximation consider national funding opportunities the most easiest to acquire, followed by funding opportunities specific to Pakistan (or our region/condition), while the International funding opportunities being open to anyone in the world are generally the most competitive.

*F - funding opportunity for Faculty

*S - funding opportunity for Graduate Students


Name Type Deadline Funding Organization Web Link
Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Research Support Programme *F Details Here Pakistan Science Foundation Apply
Small Grants Programme *S Details Here WWF-Pakistan Apply
Human Resource Development Project and Scientific Event *S Details Here Ignite National Technology Fund Apply
NESCOM *F Details Here NESCOM Apply
HEC *F Details Here Higher Education Commission Apply


Name Type Deadline Funding Organization Web Link
Small Business Technology Transfer Program Phase *F Details Here NSF (National Science Foundation) Apply
Microsoft *F Details Here Microsoft Apply
huawei *F - Huawei -