Evolve beyond disruption

Leading the transformation in fintech growth & innovation

The highly impactful and transformative ecosystem of technology-driven companies and solutions that aim to disrupt and innovate financial industry, Fintech being linchpin to future business regimes is emerging with challenges including regulatory compliance, cybersecurity risks, and competition from traditional financial institutions. The rapidly changing market dynamics, globalization and ever-increasing complexities of customer driven functions to fulfilment through conventional practices of business transactions are leveraged by convergent technologies to provide smart financial products, services and solutions. The Fintech Certified Practitioner program is designed to equip businesses in banking and non-banking sectors to tackle real-time challenges, ensuring top-tier governance, competitive execution, and sound service provision amidst evolving risks and demands.

Program Design & Structure

The program is developed by renowned industry practitioners and academicians with FAST Center of Executive Education; Fintech Certified Practitioner designed to take participants through an extensive learning journey from understanding Fintech business prospects to addressing ecosystem challenges crucial for the success of technology-driven companies and solutions that aim to disrupt and innovate the financial industry. The program structure largely encompasses fintech ecosystem, disruptive technology transforming banking & financial services besides associated systems, applications and best practices for participants to develop by

  • Duration
    Fintech Markets
    Learning about the evolving landscape of financial technology, including customer preferences and competitive dynamics.


  • Duration
    Fintech products, services & solutions
    Understanding and developing innovative digital financial products and services such as online banking, payments, lending, and robo-advisors, while considering Shari’ah compliance and enhancing efficiency.


  • Duration
    Regulations & Compliances
    Staying updated on regulatory requirements and ensure adherence to regulations and compliance standards, including Shari’ah compliance, using RegTech and other tools in business operations.


  • Duration
    Implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect financial data and transactions from cyber threats.


  • Duration
    Shari’ah Banking & Payments systems
    Understanding intersection of Shari’ah principles and technology to ensure compliance in digital financial services and products.


  • Duration
    Designing scalable infrastructure and technologies to support growth and handle increased transaction volumes efficiently.


  • Duration
    Customer Education
    Educating customers on the benefits and risks of Fintech products and services to build trust and confidence.


  • Duration
    Collaborating with industry stakeholders, regulators, and technology providers to drive innovation and address challenges collectively in the fintech ecosystem.

The Program consists of 12 modules designed within a learning and development framework. Participants will gain insights by navigating the fintech landscape, delivering value to customers, and ensuring long-term growth through interaction with diverse peers and experienced trainers.