FAST-NU Islamabad Campus is going to organize the three-days workshop Database Designing, Implementation, SQL Programming and Administration

 Happening date 15-Dec-2017
 Posted date 07-Dec-2017

Database System is one of the applied core course being offered in all universities. As you know highly qualified students are highly demanded in IT industry due current of era of data and knowledge. This course has blend of components in which concepts and core understandings are major concerns of instructors of this course. Components are basic database concepts, programming SQL, Design and Implementations. Mostly Instructors teach this course based on their weak understanding from academic, internet and book-reading backgrounds. Mostly concepts have certain meanings but interpreted in an inappropriate ways. This understanding is not normally sufficient, appealing and rich for students of instructors because mostly database books are written by academic writers who do not have industrial experience. Also material/ contents from internet such as online lectures of youtube are uploaded by instructors with weaker concepts and inconsistent meanings. Such online lectures are not appropriate and creating confusions with different concepts of understanding for viewers such as instructors and students. On the other side course syllabus with well-defined contents and lab material are also matters for student’s best learning. IT industry inside Pakistan and abroad is looking for well qualified IT graduates who have strong concepts, programming and hands on learning of Database System.

This time NUCES-FAST University Islamabad Campus has organized 3-days workshop of Database System for IT Industry for faculty members, lab instructors, teaching assistants and other senior students of universities. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed will conduct and manage this workshop, who is a permanent faculty member of our computer science department. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed has more than 20 years relevant rich experience of teaching, IT Industry and research in Information Knowledge domain. He is also a writer of two database books. He worked as Database Analyst/ IT Consultant in IT firms in Canada, UK and Saudi Arabia before joining FAST.

Contents of the Course (theory) are

  • Database Architecture
  • Database Constraints and Keys
  • SQL Programming (Theory & Lab)
  • ER Model
  • Schema/ Table Design
  • Emerging Trends in Databases

Contents of Lab are

  • Oracle SQL Programming
  • Case Study for Implementation of Database Design
  • Database Server Programming Oracle PL/SQL
  • Web Programming PHP with database
  • Fundamentals of DBA

Program Details

  • Duration: Three Days
  • Date: 15-17 January, 2018 (Monday-Wednesday)
  • Individual Participation: Rs. 20,000
  • Institutional Participation: Rs. 50,000/- (up to 3 participants)
  • Venue: CS Department, Islamabad Campus, H-11/4, Islamabad
  • Time: 9:30am-5:00pm PST