FAST-NU Peshawar Campus organized a seminar on "Introduction to Computing & Robotics" specially for F.Sc / A Level students at Pakturk College Peshawar.

Mr. Muhammad Tehseen (Assistant Professor CS Dept:), Mr. Samin Ahmed (Manager Academics), Mr. Syed Owais Ali Cishti ( BS(CS) Student ), Mr. Ali Raza ( MS(CS) Student ), Mr. Hanzaila Maqsood ( (BS(CS) Student ) conducted Seminar.

Convener was: Mr. Samin Ahmed. (Manager Academics) Peshawar Campus. Goals of the Seminar: A brief introduction of FAST-NU, Introduction to Computing & Robotics with focus on Python & Arduino technologies, Career Counseling.

Mr. Chishti & Mr. Ali (FAST Students) concluding the Seminar with note of thanks.

Mr. Owais Ali Chishti (BS(CS) Student) briefing Audience with Image Processing Applications

Mr. Samin Ahmed (Manager Acadmics) briefing the audience with facilities at FAST-NU

Seminar conducted at Pakturk College Peshawar (Auditorium)

Seminar Q & A Session

Seminar Team (Mr. Tehseen, Mr. Samin, Mr. Ali, Mr. Owais) L TO R