Math-a- thon, gamification of math curriculum

 Happening date 14-Feb-2018
 Posted date 28-Feb-2018

A day long Math-a- thon event was conducted on Feb 14, 2018 in FAST, Islamabad campus in collaboration with Alif Ailan, Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science and Code for Pakistan. Event theme was gamification of math curriculum involving government school kids to make learning of math in class room as fun and engaging experience. FAST students had to form team of 3 including a kid from government school to design a pool of 5 games (one for each grades as provided by organizer) that relates concept from elementary and high-school math with the kind of sports that public school kids play.  By the end of day, each team used props, board and multi- media to simulate their idea in front of a panel of judges which was highly praised by them. This event was part of national level drill to gain attention of policymakers to kick start the conversation about mathematics to take dialogue forward.