FAST-NU alumnus, Mir Zafar Ali, wins 3rd Oscar for movie "Frozen"

 Happening date 30-Apr-2014
 Posted date 12-Jun-2014

We feel pride that Pakistani born visual effects artist and a former FASTian Mir Zafar Ali has won yet another Oscar, bringing his total count of Oscars to three. Zafar was part of the team that worked on an animated movie Frozen that has won the 2014 Oscar for best animated feature film. Zafar first got Academy Award back in 2007 when he won the Best Visual Effects Artist award for the movie Golden Compass. Life of Pi was another stunning success of Zafar.

The 38 year old was born in Karachi where he acquired his early education and later graduated from FAST-NU in computer science. Later, Zafar enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design’s course of BFA in computer animation.

He worked for the Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhal starrer The Day After Tomorrow where global climatic events lead to a new Ice Age. X-Men’s Banshee and Richard Parker, the tiger in Life of Pi are all evidences of Mir Zafar’s great work. He has also worked for several visual effects shops such as Digital Domain and Rhythm and Hues.

A local talent gone global, Zafar Ali makes us proud and encourages millions of young students in Pakistan that their dreams are also valid. FAST-NU is proud of him and congratulates him on his great success.