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Dr. Aamir Shafi
Associate Professor


The main objective of my research is to develop efficient and robust tools to simplify parallel application development by providing programming languages and libraries on such emerging high-end computing systems. I have had some early success by architecting and developing the open-source MPJ Express (http://mpjexpress.org) library. The MPJ Express library started off as a research prototype but has now become a robust Java MPI library with a growing community of users from leading institutions globally.

MPJ Express: I am the main architect and developer of the MPJ Express software, which is a Java-based message passing system. Such messaging libraries are typically written in languages like C, C++, and Fortran. In earlier studies, I have evaluated and compared performance of Java messaging libraries against their C counterparts. I continue to develop and maintain the MPJ Express software, which is now used in some universities and organizations for teaching and development of parallel programs. Since the first release of the MPJ Express software, around 25,000 copies (until Dec 2017) have been downloaded with a monthly average of around 250-260. More details about MPJ Express can be seen at http://mpj-express.org.

High Performance Computing Center: I also established and served as the director of the High Performance Computing center at SEECS, NUST. The main objective of this center was to conduct research in parallel computing software on emerging computing platforms. In addition, the HPC center also provided several high-end computational facilities to support innovative science and engineering projects done within Pakistan.

Current Interests and Opportunities:  My current interests revolve around exploiting High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in optimization of deep learning applications and frameworks including Tensorflow, Caffe, Deeplearning4j. Deep learning and its applications are currently driving innovation in the HPC community. I am currently looking for students (especially Ph.D. candidates) and collaborators to join me in this effort.


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  • Post-doctorate(Multicore Computing), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States (2011)
  • PhD(Parallel Computing, High Performance Computing), University of Portsmouth, UK (2006)
  • BE(Software Engineering), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan (2003)