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Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Memon
Associate Professor


Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Memon has been serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science since August 2016. The courses that he taught are closely associated with the field of Computer Science and cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the field. He has been teaching Advanced Operating Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture, Web Programming, Data Warehousing and many other courses at both undergraduate and graduate level

Apart from teaching, Dr. Zulfiqar has proved himself in the field of research and development. He has published more than 35 research publications in well-reputed International Journals (journals with high impact factor) and International Conferences. He visited around the globe to present his research work in many different International Conferences held at various parts of the world.

He has proved to be an excellent candidate throughout the period of his stay at FAST-NUCES Karachi. Besides being a teacher and researcher, he also fulfilled his duties as part of the academic administration. He is currently a member of the Academic Council as well as a member of the Board of Studies – Computing.

As part of job, Dr. Zulfiqar has also advised and mentored graduate and undergraduate students in their various curriculum and non-curriculum based projects. Mentoring includes building their confidence level, helping them to unleash their potential in preparing their technical work, drafting that in the report format, and presenting them in a very effective manner in front of large audience.

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  • Ph.D, Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2010)
  • M.Sc, University of Sindh, Pakistan (2000)
  • B.Sc(Hons), University of Sindh, Pakistan (1999)