Islamabad Campus

Seated along the Kashmir Highway, the Islamabad Campus holds in view the capital city, with mystic thoughtfulness. A majestic banyan tree strikes the eye of the visitor before the overshadowed Campus’s beauty can capture his attention. The visitor experiences an instantaneous dilemma. He does not know whether to admire the panoramic scenery of the city, which lies before his eyes or marvel the academic décor of the Campus. Spread over a 15-acre land, right in the academic hub of the city, Islamabad Campus is steadily expanding both in terms of its area and study programs.

The highly qualified, deeply committed, and professionally inspired faculty gives to the university an academic character. The faculty not only excels in their teaching abilities but also keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and developments in science and technology. They are also accomplished researchers, contributors, and developers in their respective areas of interest. The research projects carried out at the Campus range from Bio-Informatics, Agro-Informatics, Machine Intelligence, and Neural Networks to IT consulting.

Contact Information
A.K Brohi Road
Sector H-11/4
Tel: (051) 111 128 128 or (051) 831 4100 - 03
Fax: (051) 410 3846
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